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Silicone Rubber Keypads

We manufacture Silicone Rubber Keypads. From the simple
silicone rubber keypad to complex silicone rubber keypads,
we are the best choice for the best quality and lowest price.

Please allow us to send you a free sample silicone rubber
keypad for your evaluation of our quality
and our silicone rubber capabilities.

Fast prototype runs to large production runs, we can handle
your needs and your time lines.
Please provide us a drawing of your custom silicone keypad

Custom Silicone Rubber Keypads, Buttons and parts

Custom Silicone Rubber Keypad Sample

Membrane Switches

Parts and Buttons

Custom Injected Molded

Nearly every Silicone Rubber Keypad or Custom Membrane Switch requires a plastic enclosure of some type and we are here to help with that need. From simple single cavity plastic boxes to complete complex multiple cavity plastic injected enclosures, we are here to help. Small and fast prototype runs all the way up to large production runs, we can handle your needs and your timelines.Please provide us a drawing of your part so we can provide you with a competitive quote on your custom keypad

Silicone Dynamics is the leading custom silicone rubber keypad manufacturer. We produce high quality custom silicone rubber keypads as low prices using injection molding and silicone compression molding. From simple single button keypads to complex multiple key silicone keypads.

From small runs of compression molded silicone to large production runs we can help. If you are new to designing silicone keypads contact us for free engineering design support.

Our success as a custom silicone keypad manufacturer is a direct result of our ability to deliver unbeatable service and quality while maintaining competitive pricing. Contact us today for a engineering silicone keypad sample and a competitive quote.

Silicone Keypad Sample

Our sample silicone rubber keypad was designed to help you with your custom keypad design. It includes different coatings, laser etching, printing, co-molding, multiple shore (hardness), actuation force and more. Request your free silicone keypad sample from us today.
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About Us

Silicone Dynamics is an Oregon corporation. Our sales, marketing, engineering and management are located in Bend Oregon, our manufacturing facility is located in China. We operate our manufacturing facility in China with strict quality control to insure the highest quality keypads. Our customers get great service, high quality silicone rubber keypads and discounted prices.
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We specialize in manufacturing custom silicone rubber keypads and silicone parts. We also manufacture custom membrane keypads and plastic enclosures.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question:   What is the “normal” travel for a button on a silicone keypad?

Answer:   If the silicone’s button structure (or webbing) provides the actuation force then the travel should be about 0.04″ to 0.05″. If there will be a metal dome under the button providing the actuation force then the travel should be 0.00″ to 0.01″.

Question:   What hardness(or shore) should I use for my custom keypad?

Answer:   The answer is different depending on how the actuation force is provided. If there is no metal dome under the button we typically recommend 50-55 shore A (think inner tube or door seal). If there is a metal dome under the button then we would recommend 60 shore A (think windshield wiper blade). Our Sample keypad has: 30 Shore A, 40 Shore A, 50 Shore A, 60 Shore A and 70 Shore A. Request our engineering sample silicone keypad so you can feel the different shores and decide which is best for your project.

Questions? call or email us today. Our engineers are ready to help you.