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Silicone Keypads

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The Benefits of a Silicone Keypads


Most people don’t realize how often they make use of a silicone keypad. Silicone keypads are beginning to be seen almost anywhere. A silicone keypad can be customized so that they can fit many different equipment and appliances. On these items are soft silicone keypads that have replaced what most of us dully remember: old plastic mechanical switches with metal domes, plastic keypads and metal keypads.

Silicone Rubber Injected Keypad

Silicone Rubber Injected Keypad


Silicone keypads are the absolute substitute for a metal keypad, since the latter is highly susceptible to corrosion and oxidations. More so, metal keypads react with many types of compounds, meaning that it may compromise the other metal pieces of the whole apparatus. Why would anyone prefer to use a keypad that would more probably be rendered useless?

Silicone keypads are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and designs. They can be customized for many types of devices from cell phones to industrial machines.  Silicone keypads are preferred because of the ease of use and the many types of applications. For example, in the corporate setting, silicone keypads are preferred because they don’t have the noisy clicking which metal keypads are designed with.

There are so many things to consider when selecting the right manufacturer for silicone keypads.  To name a few, there’s quality, price and service.  Here at Silicone Dynamics we are dedicated to all three of these.  Many of our customers are surprised on how well we maintain high quality and customer service while still delivering what many consider cheap prices.

Need proof? Contact us for a free sample Silicone Rubber Keypad to evaluate our products with your own eyes.  The free silicone keypad sample not only shows our quality but allows engineers to feel the different options available in silicone rubber keypads some of which are: Durometers, Tactile Feedback, Laser Etching, Multiple Color keypads, Shore A, Hardness, Carbon Contacts, Gold Contacts and printed carbon contacts.

Silicone Rubber Keypads -- Free Sample

Free Sample Silicone Rubber Keypads


Because of our unique competitive advantage, we present you with lower pricing than other silicone keypad manufacturers. We can provide you with free quotes, free samples and free engineering design support.  We offer Silicone Injection Molding, Silicone Rubber Molding and plastic injection and molding.

We here at Silicone Dynamics, Inc. recognize that we owe our success to our customers.  If we were not able to keep our current customers satisfied we would be out of business.  Let us show you how you should be treated.  Give us a chance to quote your silicone keypads or silicone rubber button needs today.

Contact Silicone Dynamics, Inc. located in Bend, Oregon USA today for your Free Sample Silicone Keypads and/or Free Custom Silicone Keypad Quote!