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Rubber Injection Molding

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Rubber injection molding is a type of manufacturing procedure that is used in order to craft rubber parts. The process is simple and is even easier to understand. Molds are made of metal, and are placed into a press and joined to an injection system. A press places force to keep the top and bottom pieces of the mold intact. Using a ram or screw, rubber is then injected into the mold.

The rubber is put into a mold cavity with the use of an injection nozzle. Due to the force needed – and because the molds have to be filled entirely – the rubber may pour out. As the rubbers cool, it separates from the walls of the mold. While it does so, it retains the details and shape of the designs. The press opens and the rubber is released.

Horizontal and vertical types of molds exist. They have a lot in common, but a few main items differ. Horizontal machines often require more robotics to shift the mold to another part of the machine and eject the completed product. A vertical machine will simply drop the finished parts into a container. In vertical systems, there is less rubber lost with every individual part.

Silicone Rubber Injected Keypad

Silicone Rubber Injected Keypad

Rubber injection molding is thought to be best for making small parts that need to be clear-cut, or parts that need to be placed within other components. Rubber injection molding machines are normally found in press shops or in manufacturing sectors.

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