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Silicone Rubber Keypad

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Silicone Rubber Keypad


Many industries regard products that are made from silicone highly valuable. That is because many companies need silicone rubber. Every person comes into contact with products made with silicone every day. The material has unique properties that make it very popular for production use. Silicone rubber has physical properties that cannot be found in other polymers. A silicone rubber keypad is resistant to the effects of weather, aging, moisture, chemical reactions, and many other things.

Because of its material, a silicone rubber keypad is resistant to many things that may damage other materials. Silicone is more resistant to wear and tear. That means that the lifespan of the silicone rubber will last longer than other material. Most important, this holds true even when used on a regular basis.

Aside from it being practical, this type of keypad can also be very appealing to the eyes. A silicone rubber keypad can be manufactured with many designs. There are many choices for the shapes, the colors, and other aspects of the device. To take their shape silicone rubber keypads are usually compression molded, but can also be injection molded. After molding, the keypads then can be painted multiple colors and can even have laser etching to expose symbols, letters, and trim. Silicone rubber keypads can be made for many types of devices. From large machines to everyday cell phones, there is almost no limit.

Gray Silicone Rubber Keypad

Most of us do not realize it, but the truth is that we use keypads many times in a given day. A silicone rubber keypad can now be seen almost anywhere. A silicone rubber keypad is highly customizable, which is why it is preferred by many industries. Even companies who manufacture toys prefer this type of keypad. Silicone rubber is very harmless for children. As mentioned, the rubber can be designed in many shapes. For that reason, toy manufacturers prefer them because they can be formed into soft curves usually at a very cheap price.

Silicone Dynamics, Inc located in Bend Oregon is a leading silicone rubber keypad manufacturer. We take time with each customer to understand what they are trying to accomplish and offer engineering support in their designs. Engineers find out Free Engineering Silicone Rubber Keypad Sample a valuable resource for deciding actuation force, contact pills, durometer, shore, and many other items. Contact us today for a free sample, free silicone rubber keypad design guide, free quote, or engineering support for your silicone rubber needs.


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